T A I L O R E D   C O R P O R A T E   R E L I E F S


It’s difficult to imagine any special company occasion without the presentation of high-quality courtesy gifts. The tailored ceramic relief will be an exceptional gift.

Upon your request, we can create unique personalized design such as a company product, company building, emblem, or technology. We can also design your own exclusive “natural” motif similar to those featured in the 2004/2005 Collection.

The tailored relief production realization consists of several phases. The customer must have a general idea on what should be the motif of the relief: whether the overall impression should be artistic or rather technical, who will be the recipient and on the size. It is also necessary for the client to submit the applicable originals and information such as photos, product logos, etc. Utilizing the background materials and after a possible consultation with the customer, Milan Kout will design a “prototype” ceramic relief which will be shown to the customer for approval. The design might then be altered or left alone for the production of requested number of pieces. The tailored reliefs usually bear embossed logo that is worked into the relief, as shown in the picture - click to enlarge.

Gift boxes and certificates displaying your logo and the text your choice are standard accessories of our tailored reliefs. We will be more than happy to provide you with more information over the phone or at a personal presentation. Considering that production and ordering procedures for tailored reliefs are more demanding, there is a general rule that at least 100 pieces must be ordered.



Samples of earlier work  please, click to enlarge


Shell Company Emblem - year 2002

Shell Company Emblem - year 2003

Trinec Ironworks Jewel Box

Electronic Components

Locomotive - Skoda DT, s.r.o.

Ford – employee recognition relief

Historical Devices – CEZ a.s.

El. Power Generation – CEZ a.s.

Cellulose Production – Biocel a.s.

Tailored natural motif – BAK a.s.

Prague Castle

Charles Bridge – Ferona a.s.

Calendar – Richter Gedeon RT.

Calendar – Plzensky Prazdroj a.s.