Keramik Studio Kout

Keramik Studio Kout was founded as an independent artistic studio by ceramist, graphic artist and designer Milan Kout. The Studio is mainly focused on 3D ceramic objects which are characterized by respected German magazine NEUE KERAMIK:

“Milan Kout’s artistic approach is based on his deep knowledge of raw ceramic materials, their shaping and technical possibilities. The unique characteristic of his work consists of mastering the technologies which lend weightlessness and elegance to his ceramics. The simple shape of his works is enhanced by the plastic and optical quality of its surface. Baskets and vessels with their basic mug and plate shape and turned edges, which in some cases separate from the body and form functional handles, really evoke the idea of vessels manufactured from natural materials. The cultivated colors (most frequently black, greyish blue and dark grey) of the engobe also characterize other works created by the ceramist: containers, small bowls and vases. The distinguished uniformity of various pieces such as containers and spheres make it possible to group them to form interesting sets.

A separate group is formed by hanging glazed tiles with themes drawn from nature: merging rivers, landscapes, autumn or stones are motives attracting the attention of customers in sales galleries all across Europe.

Since the mid-eighties, Milan Kout has focused his attention on translucent ceramics, which won several gold medals around the world. The translucent nature of the ceramics, creates an effect of virtual weightlessness which light and air can pass thru. This has a favorable reaction at art exhibits.“

Following is a list of facts which speak on behalf of Mr. Kout:

o          7 prizes from international ceramic competitions

o       presence of his work in the collections of famous museums and galleries

o       number of finished originals

o       assortment of commercial ceramics (several hundreds)

o       membership in IAC (International Academy of Ceramic)